Equipping Empowering All To Excel  In The Kingdom Of God 

Raquel D. Humphrey
Praise & Worship Leader
April 2009-June 2013​

About Us

Diamond Ministries was founded April, 2009 to be a resource all teenage girls and women to become the best they can be. It goal of Diamond to provide empowering opportunities for every person to make positive choices for their future.

The Mission: Diamond Ministries is Christ centered organization for all people that is equipping, and empowering all people to excel in the Kingdom of God. 

The Vision: Diamond Ministries exists to provide opportunities for every person through inspirational products and events. 
The Name:  A diamond in the rough – literally means “one having exceptionally good qualities or the potential for greatness, but lacking polish and refinement.” When diamonds are mined, they do actually look very rough.  At first glance, one might never believe the dull stone would be an incredible eye catching gem!  It is not until the jeweler chisels and cuts away bits of the stone and polishes it that the real beauty is unveiled.   

Diamond Ministries wants every person to:
1.  Believe the rest of your life will be the best of your life
2.  Recognize your divine assignment and be content
3.  Utilize the strengths from your experiences to be all that God wants you to be

As Diamond Ministries has continued to evolve we have extended ministry. Loud For Jesus (L4J) Was established in 2013 to encourage young adults to live loud for Jesus. ​By Living Loud For Jesus in every aspect of their life, at church, in their home, in their community, on their job, through their hobbies and interests, in their language, in their actions and how they treat and love others.

​We established Diamond Girl February 2014 for young women to express themselves creatively through arts, music and theater.  It is our prayer that Diamond Girl provide an open forum allowing young women to address concerns relevant to this transitional phase of their lives. As career driven  women they will be equipped and empowered to become strong, unbreakable, Diamonds that shine and sparkle a little brighter for the Kingdom of God!

​Lastly, Aunt Rozz Mentoring (ARM) was established February 2014 and largely inspired by Raquel D. Humphrey. She was an integral inspiration to the establishment of Diamond Ministries. Although she is absent from her body we know that she is present with the Lord! The support and excitement she had for the work of Diamond Ministries still inspires us today. It is our prayerful goal of ARM to provide life coaching and mentoring to young adults. ARM empowers individual personal well being and development  through practical goal setting.

We are all diamonds-in-the-rough until God chisels away all the rough edges, then polishes away our
imperfections to reveal our radiant beauty. Everyone has the potential for greatness and
transformation. It already exists in all of us. God has created each one of us  with our own unique greatness.